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Published on 4 October 2021

The Small non coding RNA Bioinformatics Club is organized by the following researchers:

  • Rolf Backofen, Group leader, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Ana Eulálio, Group leader, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Bastian Fromm, Group Leader, Arctic University Museum of Norway, Norway
  • Laurent Guyon, CEA Researcher, UGA/CEA/INSERM U1292, BioHealth, Cancer Biology and Infection Laboratory, Grenoble, France
  • Andreas Keller, Chair for Clinical Bioinformatics, Saarland University, Germany
  • Marie-France Sagot, Inria Senior Researcher, Inria Erable Team and CNRS UMR5558 Laboratory of Biometry and Evolutionary Biology, Lyon, France