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list of useful websites (not exhaustive, with focus on organizers tools)

Links related to small non-coding RNA bioinformatics

Published on 3 April 2023

    • Annotation and target databases:
      • MirGeneDB: curated microRNA Gene Database
      miRBase: microRNA annotation database
    • TargetScan 8.0: Prediction of miRNA targets
      • TarBase v8: Collection of experimentally identified targets 
      • mirdb: miRNA target prediction and functional annotations database

    • Others:
    • miRViz: use microRNA network to analyze microRNA data
    • metaMIR: microRNA framework to predict interactions in human between miRNAs and clusters of genes
    • BrumiR: algorithm to discover miRNAs directly and exclusively from sRNA-seq data
      Saarland softwares: collection of tools from A. Keller's lab